July 21, 2014

Tougher Penalties For Cycling Deaths

It has been found that more than a quarter of those found guilty over cyclist deaths did not receive driving bans.

In 2013, 109 cyclists were killed on UK roads and more than 3,000 were seriously injured.

Campaigners are arguing that drivers are being let off too lightly and want tougher penalties. In the last seven years, 148 people were charged with killing a cyclist. Of those found guilty, 44% went to prison. The average jail sentence was less than two years while the average length of driving ban was 22 months. For 26% of drivers, no ban was imposed.

Pro-cycling group and the sport’s governing body, British Cycling, says it wants tougher bans and longer prison sentences, especially for repeat or serious offences. Driving groups think it is wrong to demonise one type of toad user and that it is impossible to increase penalties just for cyclists.

The maximum sentence for death by dangerous driving is 14 years and five years for death for careless driving.

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