February 9, 2011


Manoeuvres should not be the scary part of a driving test as this is the time where you are most in control of the car.

You can be asked to complete any one of the manoeuvres in your driving test, so don’t go up on test in hope that the examiner won’t choose the one you can’t do.

Reverse Parking – This requires you to reverse back into a gap (around two car lengths) without hitting the kerb.

Reverse to the left – Reverse in to a side road, whist remaining close to the kerb.

Turn in the road – This requires you turning the car to face the other way using forward and reverse gears.

Emergency stop – This required you to stop in an emergency without skidding. Having said this, do not worry if the car stalls, stalling the car is the least of your worries in a real emergency.

Some test centres will require you to complete bay parking, this will be dependent if there is any bay parking available on the test route.

Once you have completed any manoeuvre always remember to complete a 6 point check before moving off again.

Practise makes perfect, you should experience practising these manoeuvres in different weather and road conditions. Remember to take your time and always be alert to other road users.

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