November 7, 2013

How Many Lessons?

Many people when booking their first lesson will ask the question, ‘how many lessons do I need to pass?’ Others, at some point during their first few lessons will ask the instructor this question. It is a very common question and the answer is that there isn’t a set amount.

The DSA do recommend on average 40-45 hours of driving lessons but this varies because of a number of factors – age of the learner, how frequent lessons are and generally how quickly the pupil grasps the steps of driving.

Holly Parker of Britannia Driving School says, ‘when taking lessons you should not be aiming for a particular number of lessons but aiming for confidence in driving. That will help you pass your test and make you a good driver in the future.’

Pupils who take lessons frequently find they need fewer hours such as with intensive courses where 36 hours is spread over 1-2 weeks and this course does have a high pass rate.

Once you find that you can drive without any help or with very little help from your instructor and you are confident with the main aspects of driving and the manoeuvres, you can go for your practical test and you are likely to pass your test.

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