November 5, 2013

Man Avoids Prison After Failing Theory Test 18 Times

A man has narrowly escaped a prison sentence after sending a lookalike to sit his theory test for him.

Ali Mohammed, 26, from Birmingham, had taken the test a staggering 18 times previously, each time resulting in failure. On his most recent attempt, the Turkish father-of-one sent a doppelganger in his place to try the test out for him.

Birmingham Crown Court also heard that Mohammed had attempted to have an impersonator sit the test in his place previously – six years before in Stoke a similar looking man was refused entry to sit the exam after failing a security test when the invigilators became suspicious of his true identity.

Mohammed was eventually arrested on suspicion of fraud, after initially telling police that his provisional license was stolen. His story however fell through when it was revealed his “thief” had attempted to sit the Driving Theory Test in his name.

The defence for Mr Mohammed claims that the 26 year-old owner of a car valeting service resorted to desperate measures to get closer to gain his full driving license after a string of unsuccessful attempts.

The prosecuting team highlighted the fact that his actions could have potentially caused danger to himself or the public had his scheme ultimately succeeded and he was allowed a full license, despite not being fully aware of the Theory of Driving.

Whilst Mohammed was spared prison, he was handed a 9-month suspended sentence for a period of 2 years, as well as 200 hours of Community Service and ordered to pay £560 court costs.

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