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1.) The meaning of the sign illustrated on the right is:

Level crossing without barrier and more than one railway line

Level crossing without barrier

Half-barrier automatic level crossing

Full-barrier automatic level crossing

2.) The sign illustrated on the right would be located at the side of the road on the approach to:

A junction

A school crossing patrol

Road works

Level Crossing

3.) In which situation is it a bad idea to overtake?

On an unfamiliar road

In a one-way street

On a 30 mph road

Approaching a dip in the road

4.) Which statement is correct?

Never reverse from a side road into a main road

Never reverse from a main road into a side road

Where possible reverse out of a driveway

It's ok to reverse your car for longer than necessary

5.) At pedestrian crossings, you should never wave someone across because:

There may be another vehicle coming

They may not be looking

Pedestrians don't like it

They may not be ready to cross

6.) An infant under 3 years should only be carried in the front seat of a car if?

They are in a carrycot

They are in an appropriate child restraint

They are on an adults lap

They are on an approved booster cushion

7.) How are 'super trams' or light rapid transit systems (LRT) environmentally friendly?

They use diesel power

They use quieter roads

They use electric power

They are low on petrol consumption

8.) While driving a vehicle, at what distance MUST you be able to read a number plate?

10 meters (33feet)

15 meters (49 feet)

20.5 meters (67 feet)

30 meters (98 feet)

9.) When the weather is freezing, by how much should you expect your stopping distance to increase?

Two times

Four times

Five times

Ten times

10.) When may you stop on a pedestrian crossing?

Between the hours 11pm and 7am

When there is a queue of traffic in front of you

To avoid an accident

Not at any time

11.) You feel a burst of 'road rage' coming on. What is the best way to deal with this?

Stop and take a break

Shout abusive language

Gesture to them with your hand

Call the police

12.) You are driving on a wet motorway with surface spray. You should:

Drive in a lane with no traffic

Use your rear fog lights

Use your hazard lights

Use dipped headlights

13.) The meaning of the sign illustrated on the right is:

End of dual carriageway

Single line traffic ahead

Road narrows on both sides

End of single carriageway

14.) The meaning of the sign illustrated on the right is:

contra-flow traffic ahead

Turn left or right only ahead

Two-way traffic crosses one-way road

One-way traffic crosses two-way road

15.) When you turn left into a side road, what should you look out for?

Speed humps

Road Surface

Traffic congestion

Parked vehicles

16.) You have an accident while driving and someone is injured. You MUST report it to the police as soon as possible, or within:

48 hours

36 hours

24 hours

7 days

17.) What is the maximum speed of a disabled persons wheelchair or scooter?

8 mph

25 mph

28 mph

38 mph

18.) You break down on an ordinary road. Your warning triangle should be displayed:

On the roof of the vehicle

Directly behind the vehicle

At least 150 meters (495 feet) behind your vehicle

At least 45 meters (150 feet) behind your vehicle

19.) What are traffic calming measures supposed to achieve?

Stop road rage

Help overtaking

Slow traffic down

Help ease congestion

20.) You are about to reverse into a side street. A pedestrian wishes to cross behind you. You should:

Give way to the pedestrians

Wave to the pedestrians to cross

Wave to the pedestrians to stop

Reverse more slowly

21.) In the centre lane of a three lane motorway, what is the national speed limit?

The speed limit has been abolished

50 mph

60 mph

70 mph

22.) Your vehicle pulls to one side when you brake. What is the most likely cause of the problem?

Incorrect tyre pressure

Your handbrake is still on

Low brake fluid level

Poorly adjusted brakes

23.) How do you know you are in a 30mph speed limit if there are no signs?

If there are no signs, there is no speed limit

By street lighting

By pedestrian islands

By double or single yellow lines

24.) You want to move off from a parked position. The road is busy with traffic passing from behind. You should?

Signal while waiting for a gap in the traffic

Give a signal and move away as soon as someone flashes you

Wait without signalling for a safe gap in the traffic

Edge your way into the traffic until someone gives way to you

25.) The meaning of the sign illustrated on the right is:

Turn left ahead

Turn left

One-way street to the left

Two-way street to left

26.) What does the sign on the right mean?

Minimum speed limit 30mph

Maximum speed limit 30mph

Clearway for 30 miles

You must drive at exactly 30mph

27.) A contra-flow bus and cycle lane would be found where?

On a dual carriageway

On 'B' roads

On an urban motorway

On a one-way street

28.) You are driving along a single track road with passing places only on the right. A vehicle behind wishes to overtake. Should you?

Slow down

Speed up

Wait opposite the passing place on the right

Drive into the passing place on the right

29.) Sometimes there is delay in receiving paper work. What does a 'cover note' apply to?

Driving licence

Insurance certificate

Road tax applied for

MOT certificate

30.) During an emergency stop your wheels lock and skid, would you?

Turn the steering wheel to the left

Turn the steering wheel to the right

Release the brake and let the vehicle roll to a stop

Release the brake and then re-apply it

31.) A motorcyclist is unconscious at an accident scene. You check first for:



Broken bones


32.) You are following a vehicle on a wet road. You should leave a time gap of at least?

One second

Two seconds

Three seconds

Four seconds

33.) On a three-lane motorway you can tow a small trailer, but you must:

Not exceed 60 mph

Not overtake

Stay only in the left lane

Use the outside lane

34.) Driving past a row of parked vehicles. What should you look out for?

Drivers moving off without looking

Car doors opening

Pedestrians walking out from between them

All of three options above

35.) 'Coasting' (staying in neutral) does what?

Improves the driver's control

Makes steering easier

Reduces the driver's control

Helps you go faster using less fuel

36.) When should you use your hazard lights?

When you park near a junction

When you need to park on the pavement

When you have broken down

When you wish to stop on double yellow lines

37.) The meaning of the sign illustrated on the right is:

Road narrows on both sides

Roads merge ahead

Dual carriageway ends

Tunnel ahead

38.) The meaning of the sign illustrated on the right is:

Temporary Lane Closure

Permanent Lane Closure

No Overtaking

Road works

39.) You use 'kick down' in a car with automatic transmission for what purpose?

Cruise control

Quick acceleration

Emergency stops

Fuel economy

40.) Once you have passed your Theory and practical tests, your licence is usually valid until you reach?

70 years of age

65 years of age

60 years of age

for ever

41.) When you reverse, who is least likely to be seen?


Car drivers

Old people


42.) You are about to drive but you feel unwell. You should?

take suitable medicine before driving

Shorten the journey if you can

Not drive

Promise yourself an early night

43.) Which is the safest type of rear-view mirror to use when towing a caravan?

Interior wide-angle mirror

Extended-arm side mirror

The wing mirrors

Ordinary interior mirror

44.) You should NEVER attempt to overtake a cyclist:

On a dual carriageway

On a one way street

Just before you turn left

Just before you turn right

45.) To correct a rear-wheel skid you should:

Not steer at all

Steer away from it

Steer into it

Apply your handbrake

46.) What is the most common factor in causing road accidents?

Bad weather

Driver error

Turning right only

Mechanical failure

47.) If there are no specific speed limit signs on a motorway, what speed must you NOT exceed?

50 mph

60 mph

70 mph

100 mph

48.) When may you enter a box junction?

Only when your exit road is clear

Only when there are less than two vehicles in front

Whenever you need to turn right

Whenever the traffic lights show green

49.) The meaning of the sign illustrated on the right is:

Pedal cycles only

No cycling

Recommended route for pedal cyclists

Parking bay for cyclist

50.) The meaning of the sign illustrated on the right is:

Automatic half barrier level crossing

Level crossing with no gates

Dis-used level crossing

Train station