April 22, 2014

Apple to Save Texters from Driving Disasters

An innovative solution from tech giants Apple could soon put a stop to motorists who drive whilst texting.

The Apple patent, titled “Driver Handheld Computing Device lock-Out” was published on Tuesday, and suggests a variety of ways to limit those behind the wheel from using their phones.

One of the ways it would work is by using the phone’s in-built sensors to detect movement above a certain speed that would suggest the user is driving, or by using the phone’s camera to detect if the phone is being held by the driver.

If the phone recognises that its owner is indeed behind a wheel, it would automatically disable any other functions such as texting or calling.

Another concept proposed was that the phone would be silenced by the car itself – in that once the ignition is started, a signal would be sent to jam the phone until the engine has been shut off once more.

Whilst both ideas sound feasible, this technology may be a long way off hitting the market.

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