November 12, 2014

DVLA Warns Of Fake Emails

DVLA has warned motorists not to fall victim to an email from fraudsters asking them to verify their driving licence details.

A message claiming to be from the DVLA has been received by a number of individuals which asks recipients to click a link in the email which leads them to an online form to fill in their personal information.

The fraudsters then use these to steal from their bank account or copy their identity. The DVLA advises anyone who receives the email to ignore it.

There are fears scammers are trying to exploit confusion at the recent industry overhaul.

The DVLA has issued the alert just four weeks after confusion at changes which saw the end of paper tax discs.

Since 1st October 2014, drivers need only apply online for their tax disc, which is logged into a database. Anyone who hasn’t paid their tax will be detected by cameras on the roads.

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