October 1, 2014

Goodbye Tax Disc!

The paper tax disc, first issued on January 1, 1921, has finally had its day after being in existence for 93 years. From today there will be no need for vehicle owners to display the tax disc on their windscreens but vehicle excise duty still needs to be paid. Motorists will now be offered the choice of applying for VED renewal online or by visiting a Post Office.

Critics said the physical paper disc in the windscreen was a timely reminder to drivers to pay their road tax. It also alerted house-holders to cars abandoned with expired tax discs in their street. Nearly three million used cars change hands each year, but a poll found fewer than half of drivers knew the change prevented car tax being passed to new owners.

Under the new system, drivers will be able to pay monthly by direct debit, although this will cost five per cent more than paying the full sum at once.

The DVLA has digital records of who has and has not paid vehicle tax and they will be spotted on automatic number plate recognition cameras or by police checking VED data information.

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