December 4, 2013

Driving: Men vs Women

The debate on who is better at driving between the sexes is an ongoing one with statistics supporting both sides.

However, according to recent official statistics, men seem to be the winners. Not only do they learn to drive faster (men take on average six months to pass with women taking eight months) but more seem to pass their test first time compared with women – 48% of men pass first time compared with 44% of women.

It is believed that this is mainly to do with confidence with four out of ten of men believing that they are better drivers than women. Women, in particular, lack confidence when it comes to parallel parking and will often change their driving plans to avoid parallel parking.

Figures regarding accidents paint a different picture. 57% of men have been involved in one or more accidents compared with 44% of women. According to a survey by insurance provider 4autoinsurancequote in early 2012, traffic violations are higher for male drivers; these include reckless driving, failure to yield, seatbelt violations, speeding and drink-driving.

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