October 8, 2013

Drivers Own Up To Bad Driving

Would you admit to bad driving? If you would, unfortunately you wouldn’t be alone.

One in five drivers questioned by law firm Slater & Gordon have admitted to consuming alcohol before getting behind the wheel.

The poll was aimed to reveal bad habits of drivers… and it returned some shocking results.

One in five was also guilty of falling asleep at the wheel, with a quarter describing themselves as a poor driver.

Eating and drinking were common misdemeanour’s, topped only by speeding and poor steering… but a whopping THIRD of all those questioned had hit another car whilst attempting to park, and a fifth had actually driven off after said accident.

Claimant personal injury specialist Paul Kitson, whose firm commissioned the poll, said of the findings:

“We work with clients who experience the life changing effects of bad driving every day… It’s important to remember that driving can have terrible consequences if you don’t take it seriously.”

Safe driving from Britannia!

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