December 3, 2013

Free Motorway Driving Training

Many new drivers are nervous about driving on motorways. With its inherent need for high speed and high volume of traffic, it can be a daunting prospect for even some of the more experienced of drivers. But that needn’t be the case any more.

If you are a newly qualified driver between the age of 17 and 24, you are entitled to free motorway lessons of 90 minutes, at no charge. The project is titled “Up to Speed” and is currently taking place is Somerset. The initiative is aimed to reduce the number of accidents on motorways for younger, less experienced drivers.

As learner drivers are not allowed to take lessons on motorways, newly qualified motorists have to either take a Pass Plus or venture onto the motorway itself to learn how different this can be to driving on normal roads. “Up to Speed” encourages drivers to attend, as it provides an hour-long workshop (again free of charge) to educate its pupils in the rules and etiquette of motorway driving.

After this, pupils are taken on a lesson of motorway driving for an hour and a half, to learn everything from the basics of motorway driving to the more complex art of manoeuvres and over-taking.

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