May 21, 2014

Driving Test Changes Put On Hold

Radical plans to change the driving test have been put on hold by the government. The Green Paper which outlines the stricter rules for young drivers was meant to be released last year. It introduced the idea of a 12-month probationary licence which amongst other restrictions included a curfew between 10pm and 5am unless someone over 30 was in the car. It also advised that learners be tested on motorway driving.

Critics of the delay says that reforms should be top priority as these changes are imperative for the safety of new drivers and then learner drivers need a minimum number of hours behind the wheel.

Some young drivers thought the plans were however too restrictive – the extra number of hours needed before the practical test could be difficult to fund by younger drivers. This could lead to an even greater rise in the number of people leaving learning to drive to later.

Many driving instructors and motoring groups believe that some restriction on young driver should be welcomed but the ones proposed are impractical – additional training on the motorways are important but radical restrictions would not help young drivers.

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