September 4, 2014

Drivers Look Like Their Cars

It is a well known fact that pets look like their owners but according to research, people do look like their cars.

The study was carried out by researchers at the University of Vienna. They found that people could associate owners with the front of their vehicles. This follows similar research that says people perceive faces in the front of vehicles – known as pareidolia.

The study was based on 30 black and white photos of car owners and the front of their cars. The only prerequisite was that the cars would have had to be bought by the owners themselves. The researchers then placed the real owner among images of several others who didn’t own the car, and they asked 160 participants to identify who was most likely to own the car on a scale of one to six. (most to least likely).

They found that people would assign particular traits to people and, more often than not, guessed correctly.

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