May 19, 2014

System To Make Cars Safer

Road safety campaigners and insurance companies have called for the law to be changed to make autonomous emergency braking (AEB) to be compulsory in all new cars.

This new technology uses radar, camera and laser sensors fitted to the vehicle to detect potential collisions. The system works by using sensors fitted to the car which can detect if the car in front is slowing down or braking sharply. The system would then judge quickly if the car needs to come to an automatic emergency stop.

Currently, this system is only fitted in approximately a fifth of new cars but campaigners are calling for it to become as common as seatbelts. However, critics are worried that the system could make drivers too reliant on the technology whilst insurance industry research suggests that 1,220 lives could be saved over the next 10 years if AEB became mandatory in cars. Critics are also concerned over the cost of the technology as prices range from several hundred to several thousand pounds.

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