September 5, 2014

Am I Ready For My Driving Test?

Whilst many learner drivers may enjoy the experience of learning to drive, it is inevitable that they will eventually find themselves yearning for the upcoming finale – the practical driving test.

Most drivers see the Theory test simply as a barrier to overcome before reaching the practical test, and so the Practical test is undeniably the ultimate aim of learning to drive. And while everyone has a different experience of their driving lessons, as they approach the final exam, many pupils may start to experience the nerves associated with the pending test, bringing about the most important question: Am I ready for my Driving Test?

Firstly consider how many lessons you have had. Most people will recommend 30 to 40 hours of Professional Driving Lessons before reaching test standard – although this will differ from person to person, it should be used as a rough guide. No matter how confident you feel behind the wheel, if you have only spent a couple of hours driving a car, then you may want to question whether you really have the experience required to face any potential outcome on your driving test.

Also seek your instructor’s guidance – most good instructors will advise you when they think you are ready to face the test, and they will also let you know if they think you are booking this prematurely – after all, if you fail a test, it will look bad on their record. So consult with your instructor before booking your exam, to make sure that they think you are good enough with your manoeuvres and your general driving skills to pass your Practical Test.

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