September 3, 2014

New 20mph Speed Limit?

There are plans to bring in a 20mph speed limit in the Wandsworth borough. A consultation is currently underway in Balham and Tooting to see if the 30,000 residents support the introduction of 20mph speed limits in the their neighbourhoods. There have also been trials in the West Putney and Dover House Road area.

It has been argued that the introduction of a 20mph speed limit would make streets safer, more inclusive, quieter and more forgiving. Fewer collisions occur when the top speed is 20mph, and those that do have significantly lower chances of resulting in fatal or serious outcomes.

Islington became the first borough to introduce the blanket limit of 20mph in order to reduce accidents, congestion and pollution. It now seems that many boroughs will be following suit.

What are your thoughts on a blanket 20mph speed limit? Send your views to Britannia Driving School by using the comments link below:

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