December 22, 2011

Text and Driving

Unfortunately, for many people, texting whilst driving does not ring alarm bells and come with a feeling of danger. Yet it is. It’s very bad.

Whilst you are 4 times as likely to have an accident if you are talking on your cell whilst driving, you are 23 times likely to have a crash if you are texting. When you’re are sitting in quiet traffic and exercising your  patience it’s tempting to grab your phone.

One must remember though, you need to be alert at all times when driving. You have to stay focused and be aware of what is happening around you. The car in front may break suddenly, or a motorbike may be driving up the side of you. There are any number of reasons why you must stay focused whilst driving.

Obviously we would suggest to never ever use your phones whilst driving. However, in today’s society some people feel they need to answer their phone. If this is the case pick up a hands free kit and a phone stand so you at least have your hands free.

Remember, you can always get back to a phone call you can never re-wind an accident.

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