May 17, 2012

Avoid the Phone.

On her final seaso,n the multibillion dollar media personality, talk show host, actress and philanthropist, Oprah Winfrey, urged her viewers to sign a pledge to say they wouldn’t use their phone whilst driving. And we think we need to mention it again.

We all know the dangers of texting and driving and talking whilst driving. Most of us don’t do it. The temptation to use your phone usually comes when you are stuck in traffic and the lights seem like they will be on red for an age and you phone starts buzzing. You think that a quick 10 seconds won’t make a difference, but the thing is, it does.

When you are driving you need to alert all the time. There could be an ambulance approaching, the car in front may break down, there could be a cyclist coming up behind you. The lights may change faster than you anticipated. The problem is, when you make a mistake you can never turn the clock back. So please, never use your phone when driving.

The best thing to do is pull up in a safe and convenient place and take your call. If you’re on the motorway, the safest thing to do is go to a service station.

This article is not anti-mobiles. Mobiles are hugely useful, they connect us to our loved ones, work, emails, they allow us to call someone when we need to and that’s great. But, you can’t use phones when driving. Ever.


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