June 13, 2014

Anti Text-Driving Ad Shocks Movie-Goers

Unsuspecting movie-goers were treated to a shocking advert intended to raise awareness of the dangers of texting whilst driving this week, as the film fans were caught off-guard by a hi-tech advertisement campaign.

The ingenious marketing ploy by Volkswagen has left many viewers in shock and awe after it’s ground-breaking and innovative strategy, which involved hi-jacking the viewers mobile phones without their consent, and involving them indirectly into the advert itself.

As the unsuspecting cinema-goers filed into the movie theatre, they were unaware that the room had secretly been bugged with a location-based broadcaster, that can send a text message to anyone within a certain proximity without the need for their phone number.

Suddenly the advert began – showing, from a first-person perspective, a person entering a vehicle, starting the ignition, and heading off along a straight road.

Then, without warning, the advanced gadgetry sent a text message to every person sitting in the theatre, causing all of the movie-goers to pull out their mobile phones simultaneously -and thereby distracting their attention from the on-screen road ahead.

This split second was all that it took – as the audiences attention was diverted momentarily to their handheld device, the advert, timed with military-style precision, showed the vehicle suddenly swerve dramatically off the road and plummet head-first into a roadside tree, shattering the windscreen and leaving the car decimated in a thick cloud of white smoke, with the chilling message:

“Mobile use is now the leading cause of death behind the wheel. A reminder to keep your eyes on the road.”

The advert certainly caught viewers attention – and highlighted the fact of the dangers of using a mobile whilst driving.

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