January 17, 2014

A Good Driving Instructor

Many driving pupils will testify to the fact that the secret of their success was purely down to the skill of their driving instructor. Likewise, many pupils struggling to pass their test may attribute their bad luck to their mentor’s lack of skill in the passenger seat. Whatever the case, Britannia knows that it is important to find a driving instructor that you like.

This does not necessarily mean that you have to become best friends with your driving instructor; think back to your days at school, and you will probably agree that some of the better teachers you had were some of the stricter ones. Whilst it is important to get along well with your driving instructor (nobody wants to be stuck in a car for an hour a week with someone they can’t stand, and the same goes for your instructor!), it is more important to focus on whether or not you consider them to be a GOOD instructor, as no matter how well you get on together, no amount of friendship is going to get you to pass your test.

Firstly try to identify their pass rate – get feedback from past pupils if possible, and try to go after an instructor based on good recommendations. This will give you a much better chance of success if you know your instructor has had a good amount of success in the past. Secondly, always listen to what they say. Even though you may be having private lessons from a parent or older friend or relative, the vast majority of the time the instructor will be correct in their instructions, so take in all that they have to say.

Finally try to relax – your instructor will want to strike up a good relationship with his or her pupils just as much as you do with them, so just try your best and enjoy the process of learning to drive.

Safe driving from Britannia!

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