January 10, 2014

Would You Pass Your Driving Test Now?

Most motorists on the roads do not consider themselves to be bad drivers – however, when asked for an honest answer, it is very surprising to find out just how many experienced drivers do not believe that they would pass their driving test if they were to re-take it now.

A vast proportion of drivers are quite open to admitting that they have acquired some bad driving habits over the years. Some of these include poor use of indicators, using flashing the lights as a signal to other motorists or pedestrians, driving too close to another car, and even the lack of road etiquette such as thanking other drivers for letting them pass.

However despite their open admittance to these bad habits, a majority of 67% of drivers are confident that they would pass their test again on the first attempt. Although not as many are as positive about the theory test, with just over a third of drivers believing they are as familiar with the Highway Code now as they were when they originally passed.

How do you think you would do if you were to re-take your driving test or theory test after many years on the roads? Let us know in the comments section below!

Safe driving from Britannia!

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