May 20, 2013


Motorists in South Wales are being stopped at random and asked to read a number plate of a vehicle parked 20m (65ft) away.

During the crackdown held earlier this year, police stopped more than 800 drivers, handing out 29 cautions and seeing 9 drivers lose their licence due to bad eyesight.

Of the drivers found to have bad eyesight, as expected many were older drivers however, the police want to urge younger drivers to be responsible and get their eyes tested regularly.

South Wales Police’s road safety manager, Insp Wayne Tucker said: “We find these days young people aren’t having eyesight tests in schools like they used to and as they get older they’re not going to the optician and don’t realise the danger they are putting themselves and others in by driving.”

The random checks are thought to be continued and extended to the M4.

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