May 21, 2013

Driving Instructor Trainee Escapes Exam Car Blaze

A trainee driving instructor was forced to flee from his car when it suddenly burst into flames during an exam.

The fire service rushed to the scene on Johnston Avenue, Hebburn, South Tyneside, early Saturday morning, to tackle the blaze in the Peugeot 307.

The vehicles driver was in the middle of a lesson during his training to be a driving instructor. He was currently in the car with his own driving examiner, who had requested he pull over so that he could ask him a few routine questions.

Whilst in the midst of the questioning, the pair noticed some smoke coming from under the dashboard. Despite heavy rainfall outside of the car, the two men decided to exit the vehicle, and not a moment too soon, as within a few minutes the car had erupted completely into flames.

Tony Brew, the Watch Manager from South Shields Fire Station said that the two had made the right decision to leave the car for their own personal safety, because: “The fire spread very rapidly. There’s a lot of plastic and electrical wiring in the dashboard and it’s very flammable.

“We can’t be 100 per cent how the fire started, but we think it was an electrical fault.”

He added: “It was raining very heavily but the car was well alight by the time we got there. The car was a write-off but nobody was injured.”

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