May 17, 2013

Tips for Fuel Efficient Driving

With fuel costs continuing to rise, now is a better time than ever to think about how to save yourself money in terms of driving. And with latest figures declaring that just by driving a little more fuel-conscious, you could be saving yourself up to £350 per annum, what better reason to start being a little more economical?

Read our tips for fuel-efficient driving here:

–          If stuck in traffic/stationery for more than a couple of minutes, simply turn your engine off. Forget any myths about your car using more petrol to turn back on again – most cars use no extra fuel to turn on the engine, unless you are pressing the accelerator, so you will be saving a fortune if you’re stuck in a jam behind an accident on the motorway.

–          Drive in a higher gear as soon as you can – This will enable you to drive at a lower engine speed, and therefore reduce fuel consumption. Move up to a gear between 2000 and 2500 rpm.

–          Think ahead – try to visualise when the road may be bending, and keep an eye on the traffic in front to avoid any sharp braking, and allowing you to accelerate and decelerate smoothly, without the need to put the vehicle under any unnecessary stress.

–          Drive slowly – Whilst this rule applies to safe driving in all circumstances, it is also vital for economical driving. Even just 15mph difference in your speed can have as dramatic an impact as using 25% more fuel.

–          Keep your car streamlined – avoid any aerodynamic drag on your car by resisting large spoilers on the back, as well as by keeping the windows closed, especially when travelling at high speeds.

–          Regularly check your tyre pressure – this is advisable to do at least once a month, and vital before any long journeys. Not only do under-inflated tyres add to your fuel usage, but they can be dangerous to drive with, not to mention illegal. While down there, why not check your tyre tread as well, to be on the safe side.

–          Remove excess weight from your car – This doesn’t just mean that annoying friend who always calls “Shotgun”. Go through your boot and your back seats, and you’ll be amazed at the rubbish that collects inside a car over a period of time. Remove racks and roof boxes too, as well as anything that is not absolutely essential to your journey, and see your fuel go further.

–          Switch off the air-con – If you’re going slow enough, simply open a window instead. Air conditioning can have a major effect on fuel consumption as your engine powers the machinery, so only use this when it is crucial.

Employ these tactics in your day-to-day driving, and watch your money go further, as well as your vehicle.

Safe driving from Britannia!

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