January 13, 2014

Failing The Practical Test

In recent years, the number of people who can honestly say they passed their driving test first time is decreasing.

Even more surprising is the reason why people fail their test:

The obvious answer may seem to be manoeuvres, complicated junctions, and difficult hill starts. But this is not the real answer – observation at junctions, use of mirrors and signals is in fact why most people who are test standard fail their practical test.

These aspects of driving are considered the simpler aspects of driving so why are they the most common reason for failing?

What is perhaps the main reason for this is nerves on the day of the test. Observation at junctions can be a difficult judgment to make but with the added pressure of a driving test, this can amount to a driving test fail.

The solution to this is to emphasise observation at junctions, use of mirrors and signals whilst learning to drive so that they become second nature to you and are less likely to be affected by nerves on the day.

In addition, these aspects of driving are often overlooked as most learners find features such as manoeuvres more difficult. In fact, observation constitutes the main part of the driving test and should be one focused on when learning by not only the instructor but the pupil as well.

Britannia’s advice for driving test success is to persevere if you fail your driving test; there are reports of some people even taking over 30 attempts to pass their practical test.

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