June 3, 2010

World Cup drink and drive warning

MOTORING football fans have been warned not to go down the wrong road by considering driving after drinking during televised World Cup matches.

Durham Police have issued the eve of tournament warning to the motoring public, among fears usually sensible drivers may be tempted to drink if caught up in the excitement of big game televised feedback from South Africa.

The World Cup forms a major consideration of this year’s police summer drink-driving crackdown strategy.

Patrol officers will be out in force during the campaign targeting those who think they can drink and drive and get away with it, while also checking for drivers who may be impaired by drugs.

Inspector Ken Cook, of Durham Police’s strategic road policing department, said: “Summer is generally a time for socialising and having fun and this year will be no exception.

“With the World Cup starting in a few days time we also expect lots of people to have a drink while watching the action.

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