June 2, 2010


Learners are taught how to carry out the cockpit drill in their driving lessons and once passing the test will continue to follow this procedure. However, how many of you make checks before starting your journey?

There is a lot more to just mirror, signal, manoeuvre – you should be making a series of checks before starting the engine to enhance both your comfort and safety.

You must by law wear a seatbelt. It is there for your safety and can have such a major impact in the case of an accident.

You must ensure that you can reach the pedals and steering wheel with ease and that all mirrors are correctly aligned. You should be able to see in all mirrors with little head movement.

It is also important to check that your head restraint is in the correct position. It is an important feature that can prevent whiplash injuries in an accident.

It may sound silly but it is important to check that all doors, including the boot are secured properly.

There are also a number of things you could consider to make your journey more pleasant and comfortable, such as cushions and blankets for longer journeys, a bottle of water and a first aid kit in the boot for emergencies. Now sit back and enjoy the ride!

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