October 18, 2012

Winter Nights

Driving home from work in the winter can be a little mundane. When it’s all dark around you and you see a flood of lights, you quickly begin to remember the summer and how you wish you had a beach, a book and a blanket. Failing that, when it is cold and wet and windy outside all you really want to be is, indoors.

When driving in the winter though you must be prepared for all situations. Remember that you will most likely be needing to use your lights. Have a look through the highway code to jog your memory about which lights to use. There are dipped headlights, your full beam, fog lights etc. You need to know which lights to use and when to use them.

Although it is pretty cold when you get in your car and you will want to leave your coat on, I find that wearing a coat restricts me. I prefer to take it off and get my heating going! Of course, to ensure your heating is able to perform make sure that the water is topped up. This doesn’t take long to do and it’s well worth checking. As it gets colder, keep some anti—freeze spray in the car. This is a life saver when you need to quickly remove ice from the windows.

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