October 17, 2012


Should you re-sit your driving test after the age of 70? If you think not, maybe this will make you change your mind.

A 100 year old man known as Mr Carter was driving his Cadillac near a primary school in Los Angeles, California, when he reversed and hit eleven people, including nine children.

Some of the children became trapped under the car and were badly hurt, passersby did try to get the drivers attention but it was too late.

Mr Carter spoke to a local news station and said: “My brakes failed. It was out of control.” When asked about hitting the children, he said: “You know I’m sorry about that…my sympathies for them.”

Police believe that he was parked in a grocery shop nearby and when pulling out of the car park drove on the pavement rather than pulling into the street.

Mr Carter is now 101 years old and still holds his driving licence.

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