October 19, 2012


Susie Wolff is the first female to drive a Formula 1 car after Maria de Villota lost her right eye in a test crash back in July.

Scottish driver Wolff said she has spoken with Maria and thinks she is an incredible lady and a real inspiration. She is very proud and honoured to have Maria’s star on her helmet.

Wolff wants to show people that women are good in motorsport and said: “After the publicity surrounding Maria’s accident without doubt I felt an extra need to go out there, do a good job and show that her accident was a freak one-off and it doesn’t generalise women in motorsport.”

The last British woman to drive a Formula 1 car on a race track was Katherine Legge in 2005 in Italy.

Wolff was thought to enjoy the drive and Williams race driver Pastor Maldonado, who was present said “Susie is quite good”.

Susie said: “The feeling of driving that car on the track for the first time was just incredible…on the first lap, I thought my helmet was going to fly off the G-force was so much.” She finished by saying: “For me the journey is just starting, my first time in the car and let’s see where that takes me.”

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