September 8, 2015

Which Driving Personality Are You?

All motorists know that there are different types of drivers out there – From the shy, newly-passed teenagers to overly-confident veterans, dangerous boy racers and back-seat drivers and everything in between – It takes all sorts!

However psychologists have carried out a study which identifies seven distinct personality types when behind the wheel, as follows:

Teachers: The teacher-type drivers always try to instruct other drivers on the roads of any errors they make – And likewise expect a thanks for their instructions!

Know-It-Alls: We all know this type of driver – The infallible know-it-all never makes a mistake, and spends a good amount of time shouting at other drivers for their mistakes.

Competitors: These drivers like a bit of rivalry – Signified by often challenging other drivers for space on the roads, and always being up for a race.

Punishers: This type of driver will discipline others, such as deliberately slowing down when a driver behind is travelling too fast.

Philosophers: The best driver to be a passenger for – These motorists stay cool in all situations, and accept other drivers bad behaviour as just part of regular driving.

Avoiders: An avoider will notice their own bad driving and accept that it is a hazard – But will be unlikely to try to rectify it in the future.

Escapees: This type of driver will attempt to keep themselves distracted from the frustrations of driving by listening to music or talking on their phones.

So which type of driver do you think you are? Let us know in the comments below!

Safe driving from Britannia!