August 1, 2014

Passenger-Seat Driver Sentenced

We have all heard of “passenger-seat” and “back-seat” drivers – but one motorist has taken this figure of speech a little literally.

A 20-year old Spanish driver has recently posted a video of himself online, in an apparent attempt to spark some controversy on the internet – however his plan has backfired on him drastically.

The man shared a video of himself in his car, seemingly behind the wheel – however several seconds into the footage, the man turns his mobile phone camera to the side to reveal that he is in fact manually operating the steering wheel from the passenger seat the whole time.

The reckless driver also continues to overtake a large lorry at high speeds, all the time steering the car from the wrong seat.

The video did indeed gain some popularity after going viral on the Internet – however it was this online notoriety that led to Spanish Police posting a copy of the video on their YouTube page to publicise the incident in the hope of identifying and punishing the so-called “irresponsible” driver.

The young man eventually handed himself into police custody, and was served a six-month suspended sentence on the condition of not breaking the law again in the next two years, as well as having his driving license revoked for one year.

It seems that this particular young man was attempting to pre-empt the arrival of the driver-less car before Google – but his recklessness has cost him dearly.

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