September 9, 2015

Opinion Split Over New Test

32 test centres have been selected across the country where volunteer learners can take part in the trial test which involves changes to the independent driving section as well as the manoeuvres section of the driving test.

Learners taking part in the trial will be able to use satnavs in the independent driving section of the test, which will increase the length of this section from 10 minutes to around 20 minutes.

In a recent poll, 52% believe satnav driving tests were a good idea and 48% believed they weren’t.

Critics of the recent test say that learners should be very competent before becoming reliant on a satnav because they can be very off-putting. However, supporters of the test have argued that a lot of pupils make mistakes on the independent drive because they forget the directions and the satnav is a bit more useful and tries to modernise the test. People who have had the satnav test have been going on longer drives on faster roads and changing speed limits.

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