September 7, 2015

Essex Instructor’s Elbow Broken In Road Rage Incident

Instructor Chris Barnett had taken Connor George out for his fourth lesson. As 17-year-old novice Conner George struggles to pull away at a busy junction, the driver of a white Range Rover beeps impatiently from behind.

Moments later the range rover pulls up in front of him and despite the instructor repeatedly saying that he was being video-recorded, the furious driver and passenger shout obscenities at him.

The lesson was Connor’s first experience of heavy traffic in Braintree, Essex. After the lights at a busy junction turn green, he struggles to pull away and has to be guided through the routine by his instructor, Barnett, causing a delay of 20 seconds.

Barnett waves dismissively through the window as the angry driver honks his horn. But after they turn a corner, the vehicle overtakes them and stops suddenly in front of them, forcing Barnett to slam on the dual brakes.

The driver gets out and confronts Barnett through the open passenger window. The driver is heard shouting obscenities as the whole episode is caught on camera. Meanwhile the passenger gets out of the Range Rover to join in the abuse. As Barnett tries to open the door, one of the men slams it hard on his left elbow, breaking it.

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