January 10, 2012

Warning: Do not leave keys in the ignition.

It is a common situation. People often leave keys in the ignition without thinking that it could end-up being stolen in the end. Have you ever thought about it seriously? It is the time because more and more cases have been brought to attention by the concerned authorities. It is not a safe option, under any given circumstances, to leave your car engine in the running mode. It can lead to different life-threatening accidents. A public warning has been issued in the interest by the police. It makes perfect sense to stop the engine and take out keys with you.

You should be in the car while defrosting it. This is the best practice. The car insurance agencies have also made it clear that they would not be able to pay for the damages, if the keys were left in the ignition. There seems to be a hidden message in it. We can save ourselves from unnecessary problems by paying proper attention to it. It can prove to be a costly mistake in the end. You should take out the keys before leaving the car. It is as simple as that

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