January 12, 2012

Blue Badge system to be modernised to check fraudulent activities.

It has taken an ugly shape of a nation-wide fraud. The Transport Minister, Norman Baker, has echoed his voice on the growing concerns of people using blue badge to get some free parking space. “Motorists who pretend to be disabled to get some free parking are frankly disgraceful”, he said in an interview. It has come as a shocking news that the standard of social and moral responsibilities have fallen disgracefully. The new blue badge system would prevent people from taking undue or unfair advantages. It would have a new hologram, digital photo and serial number to make it scam-free.

It was an inevitable situation. The set of proposed changes were required to check fraudulent activities. The local authorities have been given more powers to tackle the misuse of badges. These parking places are only reserved for physically challenged people. It is a positive change. It would make the original users a lot happier as they can find ample space to park their vehicles now. It all started as a great initiative taken by the government to help disabled people to park their cars easily however due to certain drawbacks it was started to being misused.

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