October 7, 2011


Research has found that 67% of UK drivers said they didn’t think they would pass a practical driving test is they had to re-sit it.

Bad habits such as being distracted by music and changing CD’s and stations, texting and using mobile phones (this tends to be younger respondents – aged 18-24), eating and drinking, and driving whilst tired all contributed to poor driving skills.

Yet, it is things such as checking mirrors, gear changes, giving way and speed that would trip up even the most experienced drivers on a practical driving test. Most experienced drivers slip into bad habits and have their own style of driving which more often than not would not be test standard.

Even more worryingly is for those drivers that passed their test before 1996. These drivers would not have sat a theory test, this could limit their knowledge of road marking and signs which in turn could endanger themselves and other road users if they have not kept themselves up-to-date.

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