October 7, 2011

Are you watching your speed?

A recent survey carried out by a car insurance provider has found that a massive 90% of drivers admit to having broken the speed limit while travelling on UK roads.Only a tiny minority of those drivers polled by Autocar, just 3.5%, said they had never broken the maximum 70mph speed limit while driving on a British motorway, with 94.6% admitting that they knew they had driven over the limit had some point.Worryingly, 6.1% of drivers who took part in the research admitted that they regularly drive at 90mph on the motorway.Given the results of this survey into driving speeds, the news that transport secretary, Philip Hammond, is to launch a public consultation on raising the speed limit on motorways and dual carriageways to 80mph is especially timely and shows there is a strong case for raising the maximum speed limit.The survey also sought to gauge the public reaction to a possible increase in the speed limit, and two fifths of respondents revealed they would like to see the limit raised.Car insurance experts believe that given the results of the Autocar survey, the transport secretary’s decision to look into raising the speed limit on motorways will be especially popular with drivers. If the government do decide to go ahead with a maximum speed limit of 80mph, it’s not likely to come into force until 2012/13 at the earliest.

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