February 18, 2009

Tips on Buying a New Car

When you buy a new or used car it is important to take the car for a test drive and ensure it is the right car for you, below is a checklist of useful points you can use to compare the cars you test drive:
1. Do you like the look of the car?
2. Is there enough legroom, headroom, space between the seat and steering wheel in order for you to drive in a comfortable position (check the front and back)?
3. Are the dials easy to read and understand?
4. Does the engine sound quiet and smooth?
5. How does the vehicle stop (does it pull to one side, does it take longer then expected, any strange sounds)?
6. Do all the accessories work, don’t forget to try the windows, heater, A/C, radio etc.
If you want to go a step further you could try hiring the car for a week to see how the car runs on a day to day basis.

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