February 14, 2009

Electricity the Fuel of the Future for Motor Cars

Most Motorists believe that electricity is the car fuel of the future, according to a new poll.Green car advisory website – TheGreenCarWebsite.co.uk – polled the opinion of 1025 website visitors to ask what would be the ultimate fuel of the future, and 40 % voted for electricity.
The recent report from the Committee on Climate Change entitled “Building a low – carbon economy –the UK’s contribution to tackling climate change” which was published on 1st December 2008, stated that the UK should invest in the development of electric cars couple with the decarbonisation of electricity generation as part of a list of measures designed to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.
Hydrogen took second place in the poll with 28% of the votes. Hydrogen has been widely acclaimed as a hopeful replacement to fossil fuels as it is able to offer a similar performance to that of a conventional fossil-fuelled car with the added benefit that hydrogen fuelled vehicles can be instantly refuelled unlike electric vehicles which require a waiting period to recharge. However hydrogen technology is currently still being refined while problems such as generation and storage along with the supporting infrastructure are still being addressed.
Hybrid technology offers the convenience of a fossil-fuelled with the cleanliness of an electric motor in urban driving conditions and took third place with 12% of the vote. While the second generation of biofuels languished in fourth position with just 9%
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