April 17, 2014

The New Standards Check

The Check Test has been updated into the new Standards Check on 7th April, which with it brings a new grading system.

The standards check involves the driving examiner accompanying and observing the ADI on a normal one hour lesson. It is purely a practical in-car assessment and no off-road or classroom alternatives will be offered.

The typical scenarios that you might be assessed for include: inexperienced learner, experienced learner, new full licence holder and experienced full licence holder.

The assessment looks at 3 broad areas: lesson planning, risk management, teaching and learning strategies.

To pass the ADI must:

– Actively recognise the need to understand the pupil’s experience and background
– Ask suitable questions
– Encourage the pupil to talk about their goals, concerns etc. and actively listen to what the pupil has to say
– Understand the significant of what they say
– Recognise other indications, e.g. body language, that the pupil is trying to express something but perhaps cannot find the right words

You have the opportunity to gain up to 51 marks which will dictate your final grade.

What are your thoughts on the replacement of the Check Test with the Standards Check? Send your views to Britannia Driving School by using the comments link below:

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