April 2, 2014

New ADI Grading System

The DVSA has now announced a new grading structure for driving instructors which is to come into operation on 7 April 2014. Under the new Standards Check, ADIs being assessed will be given one of the following grades:

– A grade (85% or over) – an overall high standard of instruction
– B grade (60% or over) – a sufficient level of competence
– Fail (less than 60%) – an unsatisfactory performance

If an instructor receives a fail grade, they will be given another standards check within 12 weeks, to allow them to show that their level of tuition has improved and they meet the required standard.

Until an ADI is assessed under the new system, their current grade of 4-6 remains valid. Instructors who fail three successive assessments under the Standards Check can be removed from the register.

The new structure replaces the current six grades, which is not widely understood by the general public. The move is part of a series of changes aimed at modernising the driver training industry.

The DVSA has stated that it expects all ADIs to strive to become Grade A instructors whilst, according to the DVSA, a lot of instructors are grade 4 on the current structure, which means that they have demonstrated sufficient competence to remain on the register.

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