October 4, 2011

We just can’t do without music

More than half of drivers in the UK would be unable to cope if they had a car without a stereo.
That is the finding of a poll by Confused.com, which showed a further third would quickly install a music system if their vehicle did not come equipped with one.
One in five men said they drive faster when music is playing and head of car insurance at the price comparison site Gereth Kloet noted playing tunes while behind the wheel has become something of a “modern tradition”.
“While we would, of course, encourage all drivers to concentrate on the road, we like happy drivers who enjoy being in their cars,” he added.
Motorists were asked about their favourite driving song and Queen took the top two places – with Bohemian Rhapsody trailing Don’t Stop Me Now.
However, a SEAT survey last week had Bohemian Rhapsody in first place, with drivers perhaps enjoying the chance to recreate their favourite Wayne’s World scene.

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