August 14, 2015

The 2-Second Rule

The most common reason for car accidents is lack of space between vehicles – Usually linked to one or more drivers travelling at an excessive speed, and therefore unable to stop in time when the vehicle in front has to brake abruptly. But how can we judge what a suitable space to leave between vehicles is?

The easiest way to ensure a safe distance between yourself and the car in front is to remember the 2-second rule. If there are chevrons on the road, always ensure you can keep a minimum of 2 chevrons visible in between your front bumper and the vehicle in front. If there are no chevrons, then try to spot a fixed point on the side of the road (such as a phone box, a parked car, etc) and ensure that you pass this point at least 2 seconds later than the vehicle in front.

As you probably know from your Theory test, this time needs to be increased to at least 4 seconds in wet weather.

Safe driving from Britannia!