March 2, 2015

Worst Case of Speeding

A motorist has been caught driving at 128mph in a 30mph zone in East Grinstead, West Sussex. This has been called the worst case of speeding; it would be bad enough on the motorway, let alone on a 30mph road.

Research found that people are far more likely to admit to speeding on the motorway, whereas compliance with speed limits is better at lower speeds. People understand the consequences of speeding in built up area. This is why it is unheard of to have a speeding case that high on a 30mph road.

Meanwhile, the proportion of motorists admitting to speeding on 30mph urban roads has been declining for the past few years. 42% of drivers admit speeding in 30mph limits, down 15% since 2010.

A spokesman for the IAM said that it believed an improvement in driving skills and attitude was the key to reducing the numbers of people killed and injured on UK roads. He added that advanced driving tuition was also needed.

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