September 29, 2011

Teenage wrote off mothers car.

A teenage learner became so confident after 15 driving lessons he decided to take out his mother’s car and wrote it off by smashing into a bridge parapet.
Greig Gorrie’s parents replaced the £6700 insurance write-off and have ordered their son to pay for the new vehicle with regular £100 instalments.
Perth Sheriff Court heard on Tuesday that Gorrie had been taking regular formal driving lessons and had completed more than a dozen by July this year.
Without his parents’ permission he decided to help himself to his mother’s Vauxhall Corsa to demonstrate his driving skills to his friend Christopher Stewart.
But the court was told that the impromptu lesson lasted only a few minutes before Gorrie lost control of the car because he approached a bend in the road at excessive speed.
Fiscal depute Nicola Manison told the court that the 19-year-old failed to negotiate a left hand bend on the B9112 Perth to Dunning road, near to the village of Aberdalgie.
He left the road and struck a wall and bridge parapet and both he and Mr Stewart were injured, while the Corsa was so badly damaged it had to be written off.
Gorrie, of Viewlands Road West, Perth, also admitted driving without insurance and without a qualified driver while he was a provisional licence holder on July 12 this year.
Solicitor John McLaughlin, defending, said: “He had been taking lessons and had done 14 or 15 when he decided to take the car out to increase his knowledge of driving.
“Unfortunately he took the corner too fast and struck the wall. Neither he nor his passenger suffered significant injuries, but the car was written off.
“Since then his father has bought his mother a new car and my client is being made to pay that back at £100 a time.”
The teenager, who works for a garage, had his licence endorsed with eight points and was fined

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