September 28, 2011


A 25 year old woman holds the pain and grief of the death of her husband after he was hit by a car, but she also holds the guilt as she was the one that hit him.

Mrs. Knox, was driving their family car when she was trying to find her husband after an argument, she had her two young children with her in the back. She found her husband sitting on the pavement with his back to a fence and pulled up onto the pavement to speak with him.

She had not realised that whilst pulling on to the pavement she had struck her husband and he went on to die later that day in hospital.

Witnesses described her as hysterical when she realised what she had done and she immediately called the emergency services.

Suzanne Knox has denied causing her husband’s death by dangerous driving but had admitted a less serious charge of death by careless driving. Police accident investigators have said that she must have been driving very slowly at the time of impact as there was very little damage to the fence and hedge.

Emily Smith at Britannia Driving School said: “This it is a tragic accident that has seen a family lose a loved one. However, we must all think about how our driving and in particular our parking can affect others, in most cases parking on the pavement is restricted and when parking on the pavement is permitted, we must all take extra care to look out for pedestrians.”

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