September 30, 2011


Mr Ashworth of Oxfordshire was found guilty of death by careless driving after he knocked down a cyclist.

At the time of the accident Mr Ashworth was not licensed, not insured (as the car was borrowed from a neighbour) and he was under the influence of drink and drugs. The judge made it very clear that he will be facing a prison sentence.

The cyclist Mr Kahl who was knocked down was not completely blameless however, as he has also been drinking before the accident, was not displaying any lights on the bicycle and was listening to his MP3 player.

Ultimately if Mr Ashworth had not been drinking or had not taken cocaine before driving his vehicle the outcome could be very different for both Mr Kahl and his family. It is strongly urged that all cyclists take something away from this tragedy and remember the Highway Code:

At night your cycle MUST have white front and red rear lights lit.

You must not ride when under the influence of drink or drugs, including medicine.

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