June 13, 2012

Take responsibility for passing the driving test

When people fail the driving test they blame someone else. Blame for not passing the driving test can fall on: (a) the driving examiner (b) the driving instructor.

You and only you are responsible for passing the driving test. By being responsible for passing, you are also responsible for failing.

There are many stories about driving examiners. Learners see them as figures of authority, as individuals who have a power to alter the course of their future in just a few minutes. Some learners perceive them as frightening individuals who somehow get pleasure out of failing learner drivers.

It’s all too easy to blame the examiner for not passing us rather than having to admit that we were not good enough on the day.

The decision whether you pass or fail does rest with just one person and not with a set of scientific measurements. But blaming examiners for not passing you does not help you in any positive way at all.

If you failed, it is your fault. By taking responsibility for yourself, you take the power away from the examiner in your mind. By removing their power, you lower your anxiety about them. Start to think about examiners in a different way from now on.

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