June 14, 2012

Look After Our Roads.

It’s high time our roads had some attention. With pot-holes showing in more places than we would like and damaged roads in need of repair, our roads need some much needed TLC. But that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

People would have to pay more on repairing the cars due to the damage caused on the roads. Shall we take it as a step taken in the forward direction or backwards? The proposal to cut the road maintenance budget has brought sharp criticism from all the corners. Margaret Hodge, the committee’s chairman, said: “The department does not fully understand what impact it will have on the state of the UK’s roads. My committee is concerned that short-term budget cutting could prove counter-productive, costing more in the long term as a result of the increased vehicle damage and the higher cost of repairing the more severe road damage”.

These are tough times! The financial crises has resulted in many families having to deal with a reduced budget. They cannot afford to bear any such expenses. The increasing fuel prices have already put people under huge pressure. The less the amount of money spent on maintaining the roads, the worst the condition would be. It is a simple calculation to make. It is going to affect the garage bills directly. You cannot expect vehicles to perform to the best of standards when the roads are nor properly kept. There is going to be a long hard debate before we can find a concrete solution to it.

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